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If you have been working for a Motor Carrier (MC Number) and have recently started trucking or looking forward to a new business. Where you will need commercial trucks than you must be well aware of the legal requirements. Which are associated with it to stay in the compliance?

If you are looking forward to becoming an owner-operator or buying a truck, then it is essential for you to have a motor carrier authority as well as procure an MC number which is being provided by the FMSCA and Dot Control Authority. Even though the whole process may look a bit too exaggerating but it isn’t as tough as it sounds like.

MC Number
MC Number |

So, if you are looking forward to knowing the various procedures that you need to get through for obtaining an MC number, CA Number then keep on reading as down below.

We have explained the whole process which is associated with the obtaining of an MC number.

Definition of MC Number (Motor Carrier Number)

The MC number is a six-digit number that comes along with two letters that come at the beginning which is the MC Number, MX or the FF. These numbers are issued by the FMSCA, and these numbers act as the authority which lets you operate by capacity which has been specified in your initial application. To meet the rules and regulation of the state, you need to maintain this number.

Who needs an MC authority?

As per the rules and regulations of the FMSCA, any one person or company who is involved in an entity that is involved in transportation or arranges transportation for the federally regulated commodities which is being owned by others needs to apply for the motor carrier authority.

It is also mandatory for the entities who are involved in the transportation of the interstate general passengers in exchange for a sum of money. Most of the truck drivers who are looking forward to becoming an owner will be falling under the rules and regulation of the FMSCA.

Who won’t need an MC number?

In the rule book of the FMSCA, they have clearly explained about the people who won’t be needing an MC Number (Motor Carrier Number). Here is a list of the category who won’t need an MC number.


Carriers that pull their particular load. Carriers that work only in a governmentally assigned “Business Zone” that is absolved from interstate working specialist directions. This is generally a locale comprising of different states that encompass a unique metropolitan region. Most OTR truckers won’t fall under this class.

“For Hire” transporters that pull cargo that isn’t governmentally managed.

Most organizations that fall under this classification will be in an industry that expects them to have their armada of trucks to support their very own business tasks, while not offering transportation administrations to other people.

A case of this would be a business clothing organization that rents and washes regalia to outsiders and utilizations their armada of trucks to transport the articles of clothing to and from their client’s locales.

How to apply for an MC number?

You can easily apply for an MC Number (Motor Carrier Number) after you have met the entire specified requirement that one would need for obtaining an MC number. After you have obtained all the necessary documents that you will need.

You can apply for the MC number through the Unified Registration System. The whole process takes only a few hours to complete.

Know about the Various Operating Authority involved

By now, if you have already applied for the MC number. Then it is high time for you to know about the various authorities who are involved in this process. Various categories come under the rules and regulation of the FMCSA.

But since the FMCSA have clearly stated its rules and regulation. It won’t be hard for you to figure out which category you will fall.

In some cases, an applicant may also fall under multiple categories. So, if you are falling under multiple categories, then you will need to apply for all of them. For each application, you will need to pay a sum of 300 dollars.

So, here are some of the categories explained so that you can decide the category that you come under:

  • Motor Carrier for Household Goods

If you are looking forward to starting a moving company, then household goods authority is what you will need to apply for. The job of the moving company is to transport the household goods of people in exchange for a sum of money.

If you are falling under this category and applying for an MC of the household goods authority. Then you will also need a BI and PD Insurance.

  • Property Broker

If your job is of a carrier, then you will fall under this category. A property broker arranges the transportation of the property of a third party for which they will use an authorized motor carrier.

But, the broker will neither take responsibility for the property while transporting it nor take possession of the cargo. Businesses that fall under this category are known as the Freight brokers.

  • Broker of Household Goods.

Though this category is quite similar to the category of a property broker but the only features that draw the line of difference between the two is that in the case of household goods broker. They take a sum of money for transporting household goods.

The key features of the businesses who will fall under this category are that they apart from transportation. They also offer loading storage as well as unloading of the goods at the destination. These all fall under the job category of the broker of household goods category.

The whole documentation process for obtaining an MC number is done online. But, there are some cases where you need to renew your MC number annually to retain the motor carrier number. So, before you apply for an MC number. Make sure that you have gone through the various rules and regulation that are associated with it.