Benefit Corporation

When you are starting a business, it is important to protect your assets. That means that you need to create a business entity for your company such as a corporation. One of the types of such entities is the benefit corporation. If you are not considering forming a non-profit corporation but want to make a positive impact on the environment and society, b-corporation can be a great choice for you. Unlike traditional types of corporations, b-corporations strive to contribute to the public. What makes them different from non-profits is that benefit corporations presume return on investments, and non-profits fund their business through charitable donations. B-corporation is a relatively new type of business, where directors balance the public interest and interests of shareholders and other stakeholders (for instance, employees).
benefit corporation

If you choose this option, your personal assets will be secured through liability protection. Benefit corporation will also provide for the stock issuance in your company and help you demonstrate your reliability to customers.

Let DOT Control Authority help you file for Benefit Corporation!

At DOT Control Authority it will be our pleasure to help you file for b-corporation! Furthermore, we can assist you with creating any kind of business entity, starting with helping you choose a name that complies with the rules and ending with taking care of the paperwork. When it comes to benefit corporations, there are additional compliance requirements that also vary from state to state.