About Us

DOT Control Authority offers a wide variety of consulting services. We are legal process agents for all 50 states. Our focus is guiding our new and existing customers through different registration processes. Our agents are here from 8am to 5pm. We work hard in order to guarantee the constant satisfaction of our customers. Our purpose is to reduce crash rates from U.S highways, creating a safer driving environment.

DOT Control Authority remains in constant contact with the State Highway Patrol and FMCSA. We are well accustomed to the FMCSA safety rating requirements and will try our best so that you maintain a good rating. The reason we do this is to play a part in creating safer highways. We are serious when it comes to highway safety which is why, we focus greatly on safety measurement system consulting services as well.


A Professional Team Means Professional Service!

Our team is divided into two parts. The first half focuses on filings regarding USDOT services. While the second half drives a focus on IRP. Our agents have well familiarized themselves with filing. Whether you need to apply for permits, obtain a USDOT number, or fill out proper documentation regarding insurance requirements, the DOT Control Authority team is here to help. We want to ensure your safety and the safety of others while on the road. In order to be able to do this, we need to make sure you have all the proper requirements completed. Our agents are always available and ready for your questions and concerns. We work efficiently and professionally to make sure you do not fall behind. We want you to be as satisfied as possible and we will do anything in our power to achieve your happiness.